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Beethoven’s Cause of Death


A study found that five strands of Ludwig van Beethoven’s hair were a “perfect genetic match” and revealed that he had a genetic predisposition for liver disease, which was likely a...

Exoplanet VHS 1256 b


The James Webb Space Telescope has helped astronomers study an exoplanet 40 light-years away known as VHS 1256 b. This world has perpetually swirling clouds made of sizzling, gritty flecks of sand...

On Stoicism


“Eat like a human being, drink like a human being, dress up, marry, have children, get politically active—suffer abuse, bear with a headstrong brother, father, son, neighbor, or companion. Show us...

Artificial Intelligence


GPT-4 is a new version of OpenAI’s artificial intelligence model, which is faster, better, more accurate and can accept images as well as text. It is currently only available to ChatGPT Plus...

On Stoicism


“The diseases of the rational soul are long-standing and hardened vices, such as greed and ambition—they have put the soul in a straitjacket and have begun to be permanent evils inside it. To put it...

K Manga


Kodansha has launched a new manga distribution platform, K Manga, exclusively available as a smartphone app in the US from May 10th. It will feature over 400 titles, including 70 ongoing series, such...

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