In Sweden, thousands have had microchips inserted into their hands.


We carry microchips with us almost all the time, from smartphones to watches and fitness trackers. Is it time for all this technology to slowly crawl under our skin? It looks like it is happening already and Sweden is is leading the pack.

Welcome to the future, where convenience is the key word. Microchips are designed to speed up users’ daily routines, it allows to access homes, offices or pay for mass transit by simply swiping your hand with a chip against digital readers.

Thousands of Swedes have adopted the technology already, with one company, Biohax International, dominating the market. The chipping firm was started five years ago by Jowan Osterlund, who is also a former professional body piercer. The chips, size of a grain of rice, typically are inserted into the skin just above each user’s thumb, using a syringe similar to that used for giving vaccinations. The procedure is not very expensive, it costs about $180USD per person.

The implants have already helped replace the need for a host of daily necessities. Ulrika Celsing’s microchip, which is in her hand, has replaced her gym card and office key card. When she enters her workplace, the 28-year-old simply waves her hand near a small box and types in a code before the doors open, AFP said.

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Companies who sell this kind of technology say they’re safe and largely protected from hacking, but should we be really concern about privacy all the personal data that might be stored on these devices? With almost daily instances of data being stolen around the world, or simply misused, one would think it is not the best idea. 

Yet, there are so many Swedes lining up to get the microchips that the country’s main chipping company says it can’t keep up with the number of requests. Bionyfiken founder Hannes Sjöblad told Tech Insider in 2015: “The human body is the next big platform”. The term “connected body” is really taking shape today right in front of our eyes. We are stepping into something new and potentially exciting, but we really need to do it right. What do you think of it? Would consider it and why? 

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