Julia Cameron brings focus to her Morning Pages


Recent article about Julia Cameron in New York Times brings to light importance of her concept of Morning Pages, Artist’s Date and Artist’s Walks in her 1992 blockbuster book called: “The Artist’s Way”

Morning Pages requires from you to write three pages, by hand, first thing in the morning, about whatever comes to mind. The purpose of it is to let go some of the stuff, which accumulates in your head by putting it on paper. These pages are private and are not be shown or shared with anyone. Artist’s Date argues you to spend couple of hours of alone time each week at a gallery, your favourite shop, or any place where a new experience might be possible. Another part of the creative process which Julia Cameron is advocating: take 20 minutes walk at least a couple of times per week on your own. No dog, friends or any other distractions – just you alone.

“The Artist’s Way” book, the quasi-spiritual manual for “creative recovery,” as its author Julia Cameron puts it, that has been a lodestar to blocked writers and other artistic hopefuls for more than a quarter of a century. There have been Artist’s Way clusters in the Australian outback and the Panamanian jungle; in Brazil, Russia, the United Kingdom and Japan; and also, as a cursory scan of Artist’s Way Meetups reveals, in Des Moines and Toronto. It has been taught in prisons and sober communities, at spiritual retreats and New Age centers, from Esalen to Sedona, from the Omega Institute to the Open Center, where Ms. Cameron will appear in late March, as she does most years. Adherents of “The Artist’s Way” include the authors Patricia Cornwell and Sarah Ban Breathnach. Pete Townshend, Alicia Keys and Helmut Newton have all noted its influence on their work.

Needles to say we were so intrigued the concept of Morning Pages; we picked up this and couple of other books written by Julia Cameron recently to explore it in more detail.

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