“The Uninhabitable Earth” is a portrait of a planetary nightmare

In his book “The Uninhabitable Earth” David Wallace-Wells speaks about the terrifying future that awaits the planet as we continue to add carbon to the atmosphere and fail to arrest global warming. It’s sad that anyone of us feels so powerless as we are facing global warming, while most governments don’t take necessary steps to address it.

His new book revisits that approach, expanding his portrait of a planetary nightmare that, to judge by climatologists’ assessments, will soon take over our waking life. The crumpled carcass of a bee on the cover tells you only some of what you need to know. Yes, apian death gets passing mention, but Wallace-Wells is more concerned with the prospect of human suffering and even extinction.

There’s plenty of science consulted here, but the book, he writes, isn’t about the science of warming: “It is about what warming means to the way we live on this planet.” He warns of collapsing ice sheets, water scarcity, an equatorial band too hot to be livable and — for anyone fortunate enough to reside elsewhere — extreme heat waves that will burn longer and kill more. All this could come with 2 degrees Celsius of warming


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