Weekly Shonen Jump’s Newest Manga Fabricant 100

I read the first chapter this morning and I am already interested in what happens next… it’s got everything I like, murder, action, and sci-fi rolled into one. 

MANGA Plus describes the manga: There was once a doctor fixated on creating the "ideal human being." After the doctor's death, his fabricant creations start attacking humans in order to attain the perfect body. When Ashibi Yao's entire family is murdered by these fabricants, he sets out on a journey of revenge accompanied by the doctor's final creation, Fabricant 100. This dark fairy tale launches only in the pages of Shonen Jump!

The final new serialization in this batch of new manga series in Weekly Shonen Jump was released today, uncovering Daisuke Enoshima’s Fabricant 100 to the world. To celebrate the release of the murder mystery series around the world today, a trailer introducing manga lovers to the series was released on the official Japanese JUMP COMICS YouTube channel with the English Shonen Jump accounts confirming that it’ll be released day-and-date with the Japanese release with the first chapter is already out!

Source: Crunchyroll

Source: Crunchyroll

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