Anime: Revenger

Revenger is a series by Urobutcher that follows the story of a group of assassins known as Reben-ji. This week the focus was on Nio and Souji, and they are tasked with taking out a local gangster named Sakata Shuusui. Throughout the episode, it is revealed that the Reben-ji are not on a path to redemption, but merely killing time doing what they are best at. The pre-opening showed the new member Raizou being shown around town by Nio, and revealed Nio to be someone with a bloodless conscience. The episode also introduces Isarizawa Jinkurou, a corrupt magistrate who drafts the Reben-ji to do his dirty work. Despite the fact that their victims are evil, there is a sense of pathos in the story, showing how the assassins are killing themselves as well.

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