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Fat Geisha is a non-binary artist who enjoys photography, modern art, design, architecture, music, books, manga and anime.

Ramen in Juso

Close by our apartment in Juso (in Osaka,Japan) there is a very good, tiny Ramen shop we stopped often to catch something to eat. I miss this place. Food was delicious as always and friendly service was a bonus.

On Stoicism

“From Rusticus . . . I learned to read carefully and not be satisfied with a rough understanding of the whole, and not to agree too quickly with those who have a lot to say about something.” —MARCUS AURELIUS, MEDITATIONS, 1.7.3

COVID-19 can wreak havoc on the human body long-term. Its ability to spread throughout the body is primarily tied to the spike proteins on its surface, which bind to ACE2 — a protein on the surface of various types of human cells. The virus can reach far beyond the respiratory tract, causing inflammation wherever it spreads. We may see many chronic diseases due to COVID in the years to come. 

If the Earth Stopped Spinning

This is a very interesting article with a lot of information on how the planet we call home would change if it stopped spinning.  Could the Earth ever stop spinning, and what would happen if it did? | Space: If the Earth stopped spinning, you wouldn’t suddenly be launched off into space. Gravity would still keep you firmly on the ground.There would be lots of changes, though. If Earth...

Sapporo from Above

The beautiful city wide streets of Sapporo as seen from from. It’s such relaxed and welcoming place. Loved my time here.

On Stoicism

“Let’s pass over to the really rich—how often the occasions they look just like the poor! When they travel abroad they must restrict their baggage, and when haste is necessary, they dismiss their entourage. And those who are in the army, how few of their possessions they get to keep . . .” —SENECA, ON CONSOLATION TO HELVIA, 12. 1.b–2

Traveler’s Notebook Shop

I love this place. This stationery shop houses everyday goods inspired by the theme of travel. Set in the building of a former paper processing factory, Traveler’s Factory offers stationery, books and customisable products, including the best-selling Traveler’s Notebook, which encourages the user to plan ahead and start something new. The space upstairs is used to host special events...

Awesome, relaxing Saturday. Just the way I like it…

On Stoicism

“I will keep constant watch over myself and—most usefully—will put each day up for review. For this is what makes us evil—that none of us looks back upon our own lives. We reflect upon only that which we are about to do. And yet our plans for the future descend from the past.” —SENECA, MORAL LETTERS, 83.2

Watching ‘Servant’ season 3 on AppleTV+ despite being sick and tired of baby Jericho by now.

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Fat Geisha is a non-binary artist who enjoys photography, modern art, design, architecture, music, books, manga and anime.

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