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Fat Geisha is a non-binary artist who enjoys photography, modern art, design, architecture, music, books, manga and anime.

On Stoicism

“Those who receive the bare theories immediately want to spew them, as an upset stomach does its food. First digest your theories and you won’t throw them up. Otherwise they will be raw, spoiled, and not nourishing. After you’ve digested them, show us the changes in your reasoned choices, just like the shoulders of gymnasts display their diet and training, and as the craft of artisans show in...

Listening to a new audiobook on Audible which was released today: “After Steve: How Apple Became a Trillion-Dollar Company and Lost Its Soul” by Tripp Mickle

Remarkable New Species of Deep-sea Crown Jelly Discovered in Depths of Monterey Bay

Atolla is one of the most common residents of the ocean’s midnight zone. This deep-sea crown jelly is found worldwide and can be abundant in deep water. Its bell has a signature scarlet color and it has one tentacle that is much longer than the rest. Fifteen years ago, MBARI researchers spotted a large jelly that looked like Atolla but lacked the telltale trailing tentacle, and their curiosity...

On Stoicism

“First tell yourself what kind of person you want to be, then do what you have to do. For in nearly every pursuit we see this to be the case. Those in athletic pursuit first choose the sport they want, and then do that work.” —EPICTETUS, DISCOURSES, 3.23.1–2a

Book: Why Jony Ive Left Apple to the ‘Accountants’

A new book is coming out tomorrow, which I have already pre-ordered on Audible called: “After Steve How Apple Became a Trillion-Dollar Company and Lost Its Soul” by Tripp Mickle. There is a really interesting article in NYT based on this book written by the author.  Why Jony Ive Left Apple to the ‘Accountants’ – The New York Times: Amid those struggles, Mr. Cook began to broaden...

On Stoicism

“Watch the stars in their courses and imagine yourself running alongside them. Think constantly on the changes of the elements into each other, for such thoughts wash away the dust of earthly life.” —MARCUS AURELIUS, MEDITATIONS, 7.47

ONE PIECE Magazine Edition Hobonichi Techo Book & Cover

This is exciting news I got today from Hobonichi online store…  Breaking News! Special Collaboration Announcement ONE PIECE magazine Edition Hobonichi Techo Book & Cover Now in Production! – Hobonichi Techo: The hit manga One Piece has been running for 25 years. We’ve teamed up with ONE PIECE magazine, which delves into the charm of the series for fans to further enjoy the world of...

On Stoicism

“If anyone can prove and show to me that I think and act in error, I will gladly change it—for I seek the truth, by which no one has ever been harmed. The one who is harmed is the one who abides in deceit and ignorance.” —MARCUS AURELIUS, MEDITATIONS, 6.21

Do Antidepressants Really Work? Apparently Not Really…

Just read this interesting article in NYT, it seems like antidepressants are not very usueful for most people.  Do Antidepressants Really Work? – The New York Times: The study included people who took all types of antidepressants, including selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors like Prozac, serotonin-norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors like Effexor and older antidepressants such as...

On Stoicism

“When you let your attention slide for a bit, don’t think you will get back a grip on it whenever you wish—instead, bear in mind that because of today’s mistake everything that follows will be necessarily worse. . . . Is it possible to be free from error? Not by any means, but it is possible to be a person always stretching to avoid error. For we must be content to at least escape a few mistakes...

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Fat Geisha is a non-binary artist who enjoys photography, modern art, design, architecture, music, books, manga and anime.

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