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Fat Geisha is a non-binary artist who enjoys photography, modern art, design, architecture, music, books, manga and anime.


Picked up a new (well it’s new to me, as it was originally published in 2015) audiobook on Audible today. It’s called: Children of Time by Adrian Tchaikovsky. It looks promising. The work was praised by the Financial Times for “tackling big themes—gods, messiahs, artificial intelligence, alienness—with brio.” Who will inherit this new earth? The last remnants of the human...

Junji Ito Maniac Anime Uncovers the Horrors of 5 More Stories

Junji Ito Maniac: Tales of the Macabre anime is set to premiere on Netflix around the world on January 19, 2023. I am very excited about it. They announced that there are five new stories included in the release: “The Story of the Mysterious Tunnel”, “Mold”, “Layers of Fear”, “The Thing That Drifted Ashore”, and “The Back Alley”. So mark your calendars! I know I will be watching. Junji Ito...

Listening to French and Saunders: Titting About (Series 3) by Dawn French, Jennifer Saunders

They are back for Season 3 with their exclusive Audible podcast. Just started listening to it and they are as funny as always.  Time to settle down – with an enormous range of snacks, naturally – and listen as comedy goddesses Dawn French and Jennifer Saunders do what they do best (tit about) in their award-winning podcast series, exclusive to Audible. Across this third series of their...

Bending Spoons acquires Evernote App

I have been a continuous user of Evernote for a couple of decades, almost since its inception. A couple of years ago I moved or should I say I copied everything to Apple Notes to see if I can finally let it go, yet I am still using Evernote today. Mind you I am no longer a paying customer, I found that the free option is suitable just fine for my personal needs. So I hope they will continue...

On Stoicism

“Meditate often on the swiftness with which all that exists and is coming into being is swept by us and carried away. For substance is like a river’s unending flow, its activities continually changing and causes infinitely shifting so that almost nothing at all stands still.”—MARCUS AURELIUS, MEDITATIONS, 5.23

The Literature Clock

This is a very cool and clever idea, I am kind of addicted to it now. Just clicking away every few minutes to read another quote. The Literature Clock tells the time by using a quote from a book. I checked the website at 5:58 pm, and it read “When he arrived it was nearly six o’clock, and the sun was setting full and warm, and the red light streamed in through the window and gave more...

On Stoicism

“Just as we commonly hear people say the doctor prescribed someone particular riding exercises, or ice baths, or walking without shoes, we should in the same way say that nature prescribed someone to be diseased, or disabled, or to suffer any kind of impairment. In the case of the doctor, prescribed means something ordered to help aid someone’s healing. But in the case of nature, it means that...

Heidi Klum As a Giant Worm For Halloween

I know, Halloween was three days ago but there are more photos and videos coming in so I cannot resist but post this video interview from Entertainment Tonight with Heidi Klum as a giant worm. It was by far one of the most creative customs from her long and always interesting collection for Halloween. I am already wondering what will she come up with next year! Heidi Klum has done it again! The...

On Stoicism

“But I haven’t at any time been hindered in my will, nor forced against it. And how is this possible? I have bound up my choice to act with the will of God. God wills that I be sick, such is my will. He wills that I should choose something, so do I. He wills that I reach for something, or something be given to me—I wish for the same. What God doesn’t will, I do not wish for.” —EPICTETUS...

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Fat Geisha is a non-binary artist who enjoys photography, modern art, design, architecture, music, books, manga and anime.

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