Why Our Hair Turns Gray?


It starting to look like we know more about it. A new study suggests that the cause of gray hair is due to a certain type of stem cell getting “stuck” in the hair follicles. The study was...

Long Covid


A study found that individuals with long Covid, defined as having new or ongoing health issues more than four weeks after a Covid-19 infection, were at high risk for a range of adverse health...

Banana peels are safe to eat


Just discovered that Banana peels are safe to eat and are actually quite nutritious. They are high in potassium, fibre, antioxidants, vitamins, magnesium, and protein. In recent years, people have...

Christmas Tree All Set-up


We have decorated the front and back of the house with all the lights and Christmas decorations, put up all the Christmas trees inside as well. All gifts and presents 🎁 are wrapped and waiting for...

Tokyo’s Micro-Apartments


A recent article from The New York Times highlights a popular trend of micro-apartments in the capital of Japan, Tokyo. Spilytus, a real estate developer, has more than 1,500 residents in its 100...

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