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K Manga


Kodansha has launched a new manga distribution platform, K Manga, exclusively available as a smartphone app in the US from May 10th. It will feature over 400 titles, including 70 ongoing series, such...

Attack on Titan at UNIQLO


UNIQLO is launching a collaboration with Attack on Titan featuring seven new t-shirt designs, with online orders receiving a custom box featuring scenes from the manga. Those who purchase two or more...

Namco Akihabara-ten


Bandai Namco’s first Akihabara arcade, the “Namco Akihabara-ten,” opened on March 1. It is spread across six floors and contains a variety of arcade games, crane games, gashapon...

Increase in Manga Sales in US


In 2022, manga sales in the United States saw an annual increase of 9%, according to ICv2’s analysis of data from NPD BookScan and from POS system ComicHub. In 2021, manga sales saw a 171.1%...

Japan Manga Sells Rise Again


Japan’s domestic manga market saw a slight increase of 0.2% in 2022, reaching 677 billion yen. This was the fourth consecutive year of growth and the largest ever recorded, with manga making up...

Chainsaw Man Manga Update


The official Twitter account for Chainsaw Man announced that the manga will be taking a week off and that Chapter 122 of the manga will be released on March 3 in Japan with the Shonen Jump app to...

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