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Harajuku Funky Shop


Sharing a little love to one of my favourite areas in Tokyo – Harajuku! The salesperson in front of the shop was wicked. Harajuku Fashion is a Japanese clothing style created from the desire of...

Nagano ‘s Zenkoji Temple


I love Nagano, besides four national parks and lots of places to escape, it’s such a pretty town. Located just over an hour and a half away from Tokyo on Shinkansen, it’s compact and easy to...

Hiroshima Atomic Bomb Dome


I have visited Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park a couple of times in recent years and each time I was reminded how horrific the consequences would be for us if history repeats itself. This has been on...

Juso Ramen Shop, Osaka


Local ramen shops tucked away in a small random street often are the best. This is where the locals eat day in and day out. People often know each other as they frequent the same place on the way...

Kyoto’s Vending Machine


The staple of Japanese streets, vending machines are present almost everywhere you go. They are accessible and open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Japan is all about convenience and ease of use so no...

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Fat Geisha is a non-binary artist who enjoys photography, modern art, design, architecture, music, books, manga and anime.

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