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Artificial Intelligence


GPT-4 is a new version of OpenAI’s artificial intelligence model, which is faster, better, more accurate and can accept images as well as text. It is currently only available to ChatGPT Plus...

Apple Music Classical


Apple Music Classical has finally arrived in the App Store after months of anticipation. The app is designed specifically for classical music and includes features such as Primephonic playlists...

YouTube Teases AI Tools


This exciting news: Neal Mohan, the new head of YouTube, has outlined his key priorities and teased new generative AI tools for content creators, which are expected to be released in the coming...

The Ghostwriter Typewriter


Arvind Sanjeev has developed the Ghostwriter typewriter, which is powered by OpenAI’s GPT-3 and is designed to be a poetic intervention that allows users to reflect on the creative relationship...

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