Exoplanet VHS 1256 b


The James Webb Space Telescope has helped astronomers study an exoplanet 40 light-years away known as VHS 1256 b. This world has perpetually swirling clouds made of sizzling, gritty flecks of sand...

Jupiter and Venus Tonight


On March 1 and 2, Jupiter and Venus will appear close together in the night sky, giving the illusion that they are about to collide. This phenomenon is a result of perspective and the two planets are...

Moon Time Zone


Space organizations from around the world are collaborating on an effort to establish a common lunar reference time for use in the coming era of lunar exploration. The current system, which relies on...

Pandora’s Cluster


NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope has revealed brand new details of the Pandora’s Cluster, a mega-cluster where three galaxy clusters are merging. Through the use of gravitational...

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