Book: The End of the Regime


The author of the book “The End of the Regime: How Three European Dictatorships Ended” has been surprised by its success in Russia, where it has become a best seller and a topic of...

Increase in Manga Sales in US


In 2022, manga sales in the United States saw an annual increase of 9%, according to ICv2’s analysis of data from NPD BookScan and from POS system ComicHub. In 2021, manga sales saw a 171.1%...

7000 Japanese Islands Found


This is a bit funny: A recent survey by the Geospatial Information Authority of Japan found that Japan has 7,000 more islands than previously thought, bringing the total amount of islands in Japanese...

Human Rights in Spain


The Spanish parliament has passed legislation that expands abortion and transgender rights for teenagers while making Spain the first country in Europe to entitle workers to paid menstrual leave. The...

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